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From AWARENESS to ACTION: Building a Resilient Wake County

Becky Haas, Trauma-informed Administrator, Ballad Health

AHA hosted From AWARENESS to ACTION: Building a Resilient Wake County through a Trauma-informed Approach on January 15, 2019 with special guests Becky Haas, Trauma-informed Administrator for Ballad Health, and Michelle Zechmann, CEO of Haven House Services.

Many in our community have become aware of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the impact trauma has on children’s brains and ultimately adults’ health (both physical and mental. This keynote discussion and 4-hour training on key principles of the trauma-informed approach help move leaders move from awareness to action in rethinking operations to consider trauma that staff and or those they serve may have experienced. Leaders from county and municipal government, parks and recreation, schools, health care, early childhood education, public safety, social services and more gathered to move to next steps from ACEs and resilience awareness.

Resources from the Event

View the keynote and slides (combined)
Download the keynote slides
Download the training slides (Key Principles of Trauma-informed Care and Developing a
Trauma-informed Approach)
Q and A with the Speakers
Trauma-informed Approach Resources and Organizational Assessment Tools
Understanding Child Trauma
What Is a Trauma-informed Child Family Service System?
10 Key Ingredients for Trauma-informed Care
6 Guiding Principles to a Trauma-informed Approach

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