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Universal Breakfast Coming to More Schools in Wake County

Photo courtesy of USDA

Photo courtesy of USDA

In June, the Wake County Board of Commissioners voted to expand Universal School Breakfast (USB) to 15 more elementary schools in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) and allocated $90,000 to support this.  To date, the schools have not yet been identified, but they are likely to be selected based on the free and reduced (F&R) lunch rate population visit our website.

USB allows all students to eat breakfast for free, eliminating the perception that school breakfast is only for students from low-income households and allowing more children to enjoy the benefits of starting the school day with a nutritious breakfast.  Twelve WCPSS schools currently offer USB;  six of these programs were started in the past year. To be successful, some schools have innovated; for instance, serving breakfast in the classroom versus the cafeteria.

When USB was introduced to some schools in Wake County last year, Lynn Harvey, director of Child Nutrition Services for North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction, said research also shows that students who eat breakfast have higher test scores and better attendance and graduation rates than those who do not. USB also benefit higher income students who have a long commute to school and don’t have time for a healthy breakfast at home.

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