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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

NC Proposed Legislation for Healthy Schools: Thank the Bill Sponsors

nc legAs the NC General Assembly moves through this long session, House Bill 609, “Healthy and High-Performing Schools,” may be of interest to AHA partners and school health advocates in terms of what it could mean for future students in North Carolina.

Here are a few highlights of this proposed legislation:

  • Establish a Healthy Schools Fund to impact both school nutrition and physical activity in schools throughout the state
  • State funding to supplement the federal funding currently available to support child nutrition services
  • Significant statewide increases in required time students would spend in physical education classes
  • Creation of school gardens
  • Greater state requirements around school wellness policies, at both public schools and public charter schools.
  • Plan to establish and operate school health centers by 2020
  • Establish a Healthy Youth and Schools Commission

While many health advocates do not expect this bill to gain much traction in the current legislative year, it is a positive step to see this legislation being proposed. AHA partners and members and encouraged to write notes of appreciation and support to the sponsors to let them know health advocates are taking notice of their work and are supportive of their efforts.

Please consider emailing these sponsors to thank them:

You may also wish to email notes of appreciation to the 11 co-sponsors including:

Thanks to Sarah Martin, AHA Board Member and Chair of the Community Connections Work Group for writing this article.

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