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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Webinars & Learning: Tools for Advocacy

You may not think of yourself as an advocate, but it’s something you do virtually every day on some level. You may not be at the state government advocating for policy, but parents, for example, are advocating for their children on a regular basis. And sometimes, we could do so much more if we had the tools and education on a given topic to better prepare us for advocacy efforts.

We invite you to explore the Advocacy pages on our site to learn more, and we share this list of upcoming webinars from Action for Healthy Kids with you. From the Parent Leadership Series to webinars on recess, school breakfast and more, these webinars provide interested community members with the tool to advocate for health and wellness in a variety of ways. All of the following webinars are free; you can register online here.

Oct. 16:  Parent Leadership Series: School Meals – Challenges and Opportunities

Learn about national school meal programs, the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, and how parents can best collaborate with nutrition services to create healthier school food environments.

Oct. 18, Nov. 14, Dec, 10: Fuel Up to Play 60: Become a Leader in Your School

Have you heard about Fuel Up to Play 60 and wondered what the buzz is all about?  Learn about this program reaching over 75,000 US schools. Join the ranks of over 20,000 Fuel Up to Play 60 program advisors in leading your students and your school to better health. You’ll learn about program basics, what it means to be a program advisor (along with the perks that accompany the role!), and how to apply for Fuel Up to Play 60 funds during this 30-minute webinar.

Oct. 23: Helping School Districts Implement Nutrition Policy from All Levels 

Nutrition and food policies are interpreted and implemented at federal, state, and local levels. Learn how local school districts interpret and implement policy to help with your wellness and nutrition policy work at the local level. This webinar is ideal for state agency staff (DOH, DOE), public health staff, coalition members, Action for Healthy Kids state team leaders, school nutrition staff, wellness team members, and school volunteers.

Oct. 30: Alternative Breakfast: Engaging Stakeholders

Research indicates that alternative school breakfast models are the best way to increase participation and positively impact student health, academics, and overall school wellness. The biggest roadblocks to these changes are from various stakeholder groups (administrators, teachers, parents, etc.). Discover how to communicate, what messaging to share with various stakeholders, and how to best make your case for an alternative model at your school or district.

Nov. 7: The Role of the School Nurse in School Wellness Policies and Practices

Presented by the National Association of School Nurses, Action for Healthy Kids, and Fuel Up to Play 60, this one-hour Webinar, The Role of the School  Nurse in School Wellness Policies and Practices, will explore and define the role of school nurses in creating and implementing their schools’ wellness policies. Learn about the current environment, the challenges school nurses face, and the opportunities before them. You’ll hear from nurses who are using Fuel Up to Play 60 to make wellness a part of their school’s game plan.

Nov. 9: Parent Leadership Series: How to Work with Schools & School Wellness Policies 101

Get basic information about how school systems work and how school wellness policies can help you become a successful advocate for healthy schools.

Dec. 11: Parent Leadership Series: How to Create a Healthier School Food Culture

The school food culture goes way beyond the cafeteria. Children need to learn how to make healthy choices from the minute they walk in the school’s front door to the minute they leave at the end of the school day – and beyond. Learn the benefits of a healthy school food culture and get project ideas and resources for healthy fundraisers, healthy celebrations and family events, healthy snacks, non-food rewards, nutrition education and promotion, concessions, and competitive foods (vending, school stores and a la carte).

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