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AHA fosters and supports community efforts to make healthy eating and physical activity the way of life in Wake County.

About AHA

AHA fosters and supports community efforts to make healthy eating and physical activity the way of life in Wake County.

AHA is a diverse group of more than 75 organizations and interested individuals working to create a healthier Wake County by shaping policies, systems and environments that increase access to healthy food and physical activity.

Policy, Systems and Environmental Change

Through collaborative partnerships, AHA works to shape policy and environments that ensure affordable access to healthful foods and physical activity. AHA also showcases and promotes these opportunities across Wake County. AHA does not create or implement programs, but facilitates partnership and collaboration between existing programs and services to create a community that works together effectively.

Who is at the table?

AHA engages elected officials and municipal leaders, organizations, health care providers, school leaders, business and residents in Wake County to work collaboratively  for our community’s improved health. We are all working to make a healthier Wake County!

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AHA Funders

AHA thanks the organizations that generously fund AHA’s work in Wake County.


AHA thanks its generous sponsors for their support of our mission and our work.

Dig In 2015 Sponsors:

AHA School Awards
Active Routes to School, Region 5

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Great Harvest Bread Co.-Cary (March 2015)

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Greenscape, Inc. 

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