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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.


Determining what you or your child should eat before and after sporting events to fuel his or her body can be tricky. 

AHA teams up with pediatricians, Capital Area Soccer League (CASL), municipal Parks and Recreation leagues and YMCA of the Triangle to provide families with the best advice possible to ensure a healthy athlete both on and off the field.

For young athletes competing recreationally for just an hour, remember that snacks may not be needed at all, and water is always the best choice for hydrating. Let’s keep active time healthy with our food choices too!

Check out these resources to make the most of pre- and post-game meals no matter what your sport is and consider sharing the Sports Snack Game Plan with your child’s sports league and coaches!

Fuel Your Body for Game Day

Sport Snack Game Plan (CASL version)
                Letter to parents of CASL players from pediatricians

Sport Snack Game Plan (generic)
                 Letter to youth-serving organizations from pediatricians

Are You Drinking Your Calories?

More Nutrition Resources

Soda is the number one source of added sugar in American children’s and adolescents’ diet.

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