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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Local Foods

Farmers’ Markets
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Pick Your Own Farms/Roadside Stands

Locally grown and produced food tastes great! AHA supports and promotes access to locally grown healthy fruits and vegetables to improve our community’s health.

Here’s what’s in season!  When produce is in season, they are abundant and less expensive, so be on the look-out for great deals on healthy seasonal produce at local farmers’ markets and grocery stores.

Increasing Access

AHA also is working to enable more farmers’ markets to accept EBT cards for residents receiving food assistance benefits and to certify more Wake farmers in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP certification) so that they can participate in the NC Farm to School Network, which provides local produce to the more than 150,000 students enrolled in Wake County public schools.

AHA also coordinates Farm It Forward, a program in which children who have a medical need to eat more healthfully, have access to local produce and nutrition-based cooking classes in which they and a parent are exposed to a variety of produce, learn how to cook those foods and learn how to stretch  their budget while preparing healthy meals. AHA partners join together with local farmers to make Farm It Forward possible.

Local Food System

Working with partners, AHA is also exploring options to bring local foods into child care centers across the county so that young children have access to healthy foods during the day as well as into more restaurants, hospitals, worksites, universities–all the places that serve food in Wake County. AHA is working to find efficient ways to connect farmers with buyers so that we can all access more local food.

10% Campaign

AHA supports the 10% Campaign to build a local food economy in North Carolina. Join the campaign by pledging to spend at least 10% of your existing food dollars (grocery, markets, restaurants) on locally grown foods. Growing foods in your backyard or community garden is not only healthy, but helps to build a local food economy!

Visit the 10% Campaign site to learn more, to take the pledge and to see how your work place can be part of this effort as well.

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