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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

AHA Matters–Erin White

AHA matters“Through AHA, I have found incredible support for my work and the opportunity to share ideas and find new partners. I have discovered new parts of the Wake County health landscape that are surprising, inspiring and on the verge of incredible impact for the health of our communities. Being part of AHA’s events, conversations and direction has allowed me the chance to put my beliefs and energy into collaborative settings, opening my perspective and reaching further than I would have alone.”

–Erin White, Principal, Community Food Lab

AHA launched a new series, AHA Matters, in January 2016. We are sharing personal thoughts from our Board of Directors members about AHA’s key role in the health of our communities across Wake County.

Sarah Martin (Jan 2016)
Bonner Gaylord (Feb 2016)
Bob Mosher (April/May 2016)
Ken Bowers (June 2016)
Sam Trogdon (July/August 2016)

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