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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Thanks to Orage!

AHA's quote re Orage QuarlesAHA is honored to be one of just 15 community leaders quoted in the June 3 News & Observer’s 2-page spread thanking Orage Quarles for his years as their publisher and for his key role in our community.

Orage was one of the community leaders, joining two of our hospital CEOs, AHA partners and many nonprofit leaders, at AHA’s “Winning on Wellness” event with the founder of Live Well San Diego in April. He’s given AHA key advice and connections, and is a former board member of the John Rex Endowment (one of AHA’s founders and largest funders).

I was so pleased to learn this spring of Orage’s interest in providing benches and bus shelters to support making transit comfortable and support walking. He pulled together business leaders, focused on this need, pooled funds…and then learned the City of Raleigh had a plan already to install more of both. So they’ve teamed up with artists and will be “beautifying” many new benches with local art. We’re excited to see this roll out!

We will miss Orage’s leadership, his enthusiasm for health and quality of life for our residents, his support of AHA’s mission and his thoughtfulness. But we’re glad he is staying in our community—we know he will continue to make a positive impact!

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