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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

AHA Matters: Ken Bowers

AHA matters“My profession, city planning, originated to solve the problems of the industrial city that were crippling the health of its citizens-poor sanitation, polluted water and air, overcrowding, and lack of access to open spaces for children and adults to play and rest.

Today we live in a post-industrial society facing very different but no less real problems birthed by the very same technologies that liberated us from the industrial city-cars, factory farming, processed foods, air conditioning, and on-demand entertainment. All of these have made it easy to fuel a sedentary life indoors with empty calories.

As was the case 100 years ago, our built environment is the greatest enemy of our health. AHA is at the forefront of reconnecting communities with the basics of healthy living (fresh whole foods and outdoor activity) integrated into day-to day living so it doesn’t require a special effort. I’m proud to be part of AHA’s work to make Wake County a healthier, happier place.”

–Ken Bowers, Director, Planning & Development, City of Raleigh
AHA Board Member

AHA launched a new series, AHA Matters, in January 2016. We are sharing personal thoughts from our Board of Directors members about AHA’s key role in the health of our communities across Wake County.

Sarah Martin (Jan 2016)
Bonner Gaylord (Feb 2016)
Bob Mosher (April/May 2016)

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