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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Leveraging Collective Impact to Improve Health in Wake County

healthiest_counties_graphicMore than 80 leaders from across Wake County have been working for more than a year to plan a collaborative effort to improve health county-wide. In partnership with Wake County Human Services and the John Rex Endowment, three organizations are leading on six identified health measures from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s health indicators.

We are working to leverage the community’s combined efforts for a greater collective impact through the Healthiest Capital County Initiative (HCCI).

Lead Organizations

AHA, with support from the YMCA of the Triangle, is leading on adult obesity and physical inactivity as well as the food environment; Youth Thrive leads on high school graduation and high-risk youth behaviors; United Way of the Greater Triangle and Wake County SmartStart are leading on children in poverty. These groups all serve on the HCCI Steering Committee, along with Wake County Human Services and John Rex Endowment.

Later this month, Robert Albright, a nationally recognized speaker on collective impact, will join the lead organizations and other to talk about collective impact and discuss implementation. AHA, Youth Thrive, United Way and Wake County SmartStart will be offering opportunities for partners to plug into this work in different ways.

HCCI History

In 2014, the Wake County Board of Commissioners embraced HCCI and made it an objective under their Community Health and Vitality Goal. After the formation of a leadership team, major stakeholders were invited to help launch HCCI.

During the planning stage, more than 80 diverse partners were engaged and a planning team of 27 members was secured. This team reviewed and analyzed data from the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Project, the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment and other sources. Taking this into consideration, the team chose the measures of the county’s health they believed could most likely be impacted using existing partnerships



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