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Advocate for Funds for HB 250: Healthy Corner Store Initiative

Legislators at the General Assembly are now turning their attention to drafting the state budget. The House will start the budget process by developing its budget in the coming weeks. The North Carolina Alliance for Health is promoting an appropriation for the Healthy Corner Store Initiative; support is needed in reaching out to House Appropriates Committee members to include funding for HB 250: The Healthy Food Small Retailer/Corner Store Act.

More information about the proposed bill, talking points and contact information is all online here, thanks to our friends at the Alliance. HB 250 appropriates $1 million in funding to help connect store owners with local farmers and fisherman and provide education for both store owners and customers about healthy foods and healthy eating. It would also enable store owners to stock and sell healthy foods.

When advocating for funding support of HB 250, also reach out to:

  • Speaker of the House Tim Moore,
  • Senior Chairman of Appropriations Rep. Nelson Dollar,
  • Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee Chairs Rep. Marilyn Avila,, and
  • Rep. Chris Malone,; and
  • Vice Chair Brig. Gen. Gary Pendleton,
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