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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Thank Legislators for Bill on School Playgrounds Available to Public

The NC Senate passed SB 315: School Playgrounds Available to Public, which offers schools the opportunity to open their grounds to public use when not being used by the school or other groups that have an existing agreement to use the property. The House version of the bill (HB 539) passed out of one committee, and will be heard in one more committee before going to the full House for a vote. This bill is moving quickly and is likely to pass soon.

Contact Legislators with Thanks

Take this opportunity to thank the sponsors and co-sponsors for their support of legislation that builds healthy communities. Feel free to adapt this “thank you” note:

Thank you for your support of S315/H539 – School Playgrounds Available for Public Use. This bill will give schools permission to open their property to families in communities to play after school or on weekends, which will provide yet another opportunity for our citizens to enjoy active lifestyles. As a health advocate, this is important to me and my community.

Again, thank you for your support of this exciting initiative to open schools to community use.


Senator Louis Pate,
Senator Jerry Tillman,
Senator Terry Van Duyn,
Rep. Rob Bryan,
Rep. John Bradford III,
Rep. Brian Brown,
Rep. John Sozka,


Senator Ralph Hise,
Senator Brent Jackson,
Senator Ronald Rabin,
Senator Norman Sanderson,
Senator Erica Smith-Ingram,
Rep. Becky Carney,
Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham,
Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield,
Rep. Rosa Gill,
Rep. Susi Hamilton,
Rep. Edward Haynes Jr.,
Rep. Ralph Johnson,
Rep. Bert Jones,
Rep. Paul Luebke,
Rep. Garland Pierce,
Rep. Larry Pittman,
Rep. Bobbie Richardson,
Rep. Michael Speciale,
Rep. Michael Wray,

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