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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Model SRTS and Complete Streets Development in Wake: Safer, More Walkable Communities

complete streets picIn December, the John Rex Endowment awarded the UNC Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) and several partners a 4-year injury prevention grant with a two-pronged approach to reduce child pedestrian injuries, and particularly children in vulnerable communities.

The work will 1) establish Safe Routes to School (SRTS) model programs at 5 elementary and/or middle schools in 5 municipalities in Wake County and 2) build local knowledge and capacity regarding policy implementation, such as SRTS and Complete Streets,  to promote and build safe, convenient, and active walking and biking routes to schools, parks and other destinations. The impact will be wide-ranging for Wake County.

This collaborative and evidence-based approach will involve several  partners:  AHA, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), NC Dept. of Transportation, Wake County PTA, Wake County Public School System, Wake County Human Services Active Routes to School, WakeUP Wake County and others.

In Wake County, pedestrian injury is the third leading cause of mortality for children ages 0 to 17, and children 18 and under are involved in 20% of Wake County crashes, or about 50 a year.

The grant stems from an earlier John Rex Endowment grant to HSRC that brought the development of the Wake County Child Pedestrian Safety Action Network (WakePedNet) in December 2012, which involved AHA and a variety of other partners.


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