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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Farm to Child Care in Wake County

FTCC stackedIt’s exciting to see Farm to Child Care (F2CC) grow from the assessment stage under AHA’s umbrella in 2013, to the fully funded stage now under the Wake County SmartStart (WCSS) umbrella, with a new round of funding by John Rex Endowment.  AHA and Wake County Cooperative Extension partner with WCSS on this work in assisting child care facility directors with sourcing North Carolina grown produce and connecting them with local farmers.

F2CC Project Coordinator Lynn Policastro has worked at WCSS for three years as a Quality Enhancement Specialist. Most recently at WCSS she has worked closely with the Natural Learning Initiative on enhancing the outdoor learning experiences young children receive when attending early childhood programs. Development of a toolkit for child care facilities is underway, along with a process to identify facilities for the first year of the work.  On the supplier side, work is underway to connect growers and local suppliers. Through the F2CC grant, children receiving subsidy in child care facilities will have increased access to healthy, local produce.


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