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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

October: Farm to School and Walk to School

October brings two great ways that schools can highlight policy, system and environmental change: National Farm to School Month and International Walk to School Day.

bg-school-gardensFarm to School

Download this Farm to School Month flier for ideas on how to celebrate. According to the USDA Farm to School Census, released early this year, Wake County schools reported that 17% of its food budget was spent on NC products, with $19.6 million in total food costs for 2011-2012. Through the NC Farm to School Program, WCPSS Child Nutrition Services delivers local fruits and vegetables to the all schools in Wake County; produce options for the 2014-2015 school year are featured here.

The county reported 10 edible school gardens, but this number is likely higher as these are difficult to track. Edible gardens a great way to teach a variety of curriculum standards while introducing students to healthy foods. Learn more about how to start and maintain edible gardens from many resources at AHA’s website.

WalkToSchoolDay_HomepageMapWalk to School

October 8 is Walk to School Day—a great opportunity to mobilize your school community with a fun, active event that can serve as a springboard to ongoing walking programs. Safe Routes to School North Carolina offers “NC How to Plan a Walk to School Day Event,”  a handy guide for planning an event, safety considerations, and additional resources for ongoing programs. You can also visit to register your event and access additional resources.

Also be sure to “like” the Active Routes to School, Region 5 Facebook page for local information.

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