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Wake County to Share Designs for Open Space June 23 & 24

Turnipseed Nature Preserve will allow areas residents and visitors to hike this area.

Turnipseed Nature Preserve will allow areas residents and visitors to hike this area.

Wake County will host two informational meetings for the public to give feedback and ask questions on three open space properties that will be opened for public use in the near future: Turnipseed Nature Preserve, Robertson’s Mill Pond Preserve and Procter Farm Preserve.

June 23, 2014 June 24, 2014
5–7 p.m. 5–7 p.m.
Wendell Town Hall Knightdale Town Hall
15 E. Fourth St., Wendell 950 Steeple Square Court, Knightdale

The properties are limited to specific public use:

  • Turnipseed Nature Preserve for trail hiking,
  • Robertson’s Mill Pond for canoeing and kayaking, and
  • Procter Farm Preserve for horseback riding.
These feedback sessions will include schematic designs for each of the three properties, information about the specific public uses and the properties’ locations.

“These properties will provide a natural refuge to the community, and by preserving them, we’ll help reduce floods and support clean air and water,” said Parks Director Chris Snow. “The Robertson’s Mill Pond Preserve has a great history, in which it had a running mill until the 1970s. The County would love to have any artifacts or old photos from when the mill still existed.”

Wake County’s Open Space Program is the first of its kind in North Carolina. It protects open space in the county by working in partnership with state and federal agencies, local nongovernmental organizations and municipalities. The program’s objective is to protect 30 percent – roughly 165,000 acres – of Wake County’s land area.

For more information or to provide parks with artifacts and photos, contact Chris Snow at 919-856-6677. For more information about specific design concepts, contact Wake County Senior Facilities Project Manager Eric Staehle at 919-856-6369.
Additional information about these three open spaces is featured in an April News & Observer article.
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