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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Service Day/Hunger Day April 12 at Raleigh City Farm and IFFS Hoke St.

The Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation is partnering with Activate Good for multiple service projects across the Triangle, including Gathering for Good: Ending Hunger on Sat., April 12. The Foundation is working with organizations striving to feed the community, including the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and Raleigh City Farm.

You can help build a bamboo shade structure at the IFFS Hoke St. Farm or help pack potatoes at the IFFS Warehouse for distribution to those in the community. Details on service opportunities and sign-ups are here.  After the service projects, all volunteers and interested guests are invited to the  Gathering for Good event held over lunch provided by Happy & Hale.

Guests will gather to gain a better understanding of why their direct service, as well as the work of these organizations, factor in to the longterm effort to solve hunger.  The goal is to learn about issues that matter and engage in conversation about these issues with interesting people.  As we discover and connect we hope that we can begin to spark solutions to our problems. Come prepared to learn, brainstorm and have fun!


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