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Advocacy Alert–Bike-Ped Funding for Sidewalks & Greenways: Feb. 21 Deadline

The General Assembly has decided to discontinue the use of State transportation dollars to build independent greenways and sidewalk projects. BikeWalk NC (formerly North Carolina Active Transportation Alliance) has learned the new deadline for public comment on statewide funding for all future transportation projects is February 21, having been postponed due to last week’s winter storm.

Contact NCDOT division staff  and copy the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO)  and your representative on the Board of NCDOT, and let them know that you know how serious this situation is. BikeWalk NC suggests voicing dismay that the state match for local projects is being terminated, because it will probably mean important projects will be shelved, and then list any pet project(s) that you think deserve funding.

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Op-ed piece in the Charlotte Observer (co-authored by Martin Zimmerman, NCATA vice chairperson).


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