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Raleigh 2014 Environmental Awards: Call for Nominations

REALogoWebThe City of Raleigh is now accepting online nominations for its 2014 Environmental Awards. The deadline to submit nominations is Feb. 14.

Environmental Awards are given in these categories:

  • Raleigh Environmental Stewardship Award
    Overall award for an individual or organization that has shown environmental leadership and recognizes the relationship and continuity of the environment, economics, and equity or social justice aspects of human society.  
  • Environmental Awareness (Leadership or Teaching)
    Demonstrated leadership or teaching others about the environment.
  • Green Building Design (Residential and Non-Residential) 
    Demonstrated green design concepts and a positive ecological footprint within new or existing buildings. Examples may include stormwater, recycling, sedimentation and erosion controls, construction debris reuse, and energy innovation.
  • Institutional Innovation
    A government entity that has been innovative in any area of environmental stewardship.
  • Legacy
    Lifelong contribution to the environment by a person or a long-term commitment by an organization.
  • Market Transformation
    Manufacturers, retailers, or marketers of transformative products, services, or technology which promote positive change for the environment and health.
  • Natural Resource Conservation
    Natural resource conservation that may include water, land, air quality, habitat/biodiversity or waste reduction.
  • Pioneering Efforts
    Pioneering efforts in any environmental area.
  • Regional
    Demonstrated environmental stewardship for the region, such as air quality, streams and watersheds, or other regional issues.
  • Urban Stewardship
    A volunteer individual or organization engaged in community building or conservation.
  • Native Landscaping (Residential and Non-Residential)
    Individuals or businesses that utilize drought-tolerant and native plants in their landscaping.
  • Emerging Young Professional, $500 Award
    Video competition recognizing a high school student video raising awareness of stormwater issues.
  • Youth, $500 Award
     A student who has demonstrated environmental stewardship; may be awarded to more than one person or group. 
  • Emerging Professional, $1,500 Award
    Video competition recognizing a video or public service announcement produced by local area college, university, and technical school students on one of three themes:
    Fix-A-Leak/Running Toilets
    Value of Water
    Fat-Free & Flushable-wipe Free Sewers
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