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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Roll or Stroll in Cary: Greenways to Businesses

roll and strollWhy not bike or walk the greenways for more than recreation? This fall AHA and partners in Western Wake County are encouraging residents –and those who work in Cary–to do just that. Roll or Stroll, a new pilot, promotes biking and walking on area greenways and sidewalks for short errands such as children’s activities and shopping local businesses.

In partnership with  Town of Cary Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources and Great Harvest Bread Co., AHA is distributing fliers via schools, Town of Cary facilities, and other local businesses near Great Harvest Bread Co., a whole grain bakery, as well as through e-newsletters. To incentivize the community, a coupon for a free Great Harvest energy bar is available for those who bike or walk to the bakery.

Roll or Stroll pinpoints a given location and highlights how quickly community members can walk or ride their bikes to get there. Children need 60 minutes of physical activity a day, and adults need 30 minutes a day. Walking to Great Harvest, for example, from a nearby neighborhood, is a great way to work towards that daily physical activity goal and use the extensive greenway system.

The Roll or Stroll flier features a map highlighting neighborhoods, greenways and facilities within about a mile of the bakery.  “When you look at the map, it becomes clear there are many people living within a short distance of a destination like Great Harvest, or Bond Park. We want to encourage them to use the greenways to reach these businesses and facilities, and as a way to fit more physical activity into their day,” said Sam Trogdon, Bond Park Community Center Supervisor and chair of AHA’s Western Wake Work Group.

The pilot project grew out of discussions within the work group about encouraging residents and employees in Western Wake to use the many miles of greenways for more than recreation. The flier was created so that different organizations and businesses can be featured via a map and an incentive, with minimal changes to the document itself. AHA plans to is to tweak the flier and the promotion as needed based on evaluations so that this tool can be used for other AHA partners in Western Wake and beyond.

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