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Triangle Rock Club Expands with Indoor Climbing Gym Coming to N. Raleigh

TRC color JPEGAHA’s partner Triangle Rock Club (TRC), an indoor rock climbing gym and fitness center located off Morrisville Parkway, is opening a second indoor climbing facility located in North Raleigh; the facility is under construction and should open by September 1, 2013.

 “We understand our customers are only willing to drive a certain distance to work out at the gym, climb, take an instructional class, or drop their children off at a climbing camp. We are comprehensively serving the Morrisville/Cary area, but feel there is a distinct need in North Raleigh for another TRC facility” said Joel Graybeal, one of TRC’s managing partners. The new facility will be located at 6022 Duraleigh Road, near the corner of Duraleigh and US-70/Glenwood Avenue.

In addition, TRC is presently expanding its state-of-the-art facility in Morrisville. When complete the expansion will nearly triple the amount of climbing terrain available. With over 24,000 square feet of terrain and 100 climbing lanes with heights up to 50’, the Morrisville facility will be the largest and tallest indoor climbing gym in a five-state region.

TRC’s new facility in North Raleigh will be similarly impressive, boasting 13,500 sq. ft of climbing area, a 30 ft. tall free-standing climbing pillar, and over 74 climbing lanes. Managing Partners Andrew Kratz and Luis Jauregui developed their love of climbing during their years in the Marine Corps and wanted to share it with their communities. According to Kratz, “It’s very rewarding for us to build facilities that accommodate climbers of all skill levels and ages. It makes the sport very accessible to almost everyone.”

The diversity of programs offered at TRC give visitors a number of ways to familiarize themselves with climbing, from day-passes and climbing gym memberships or summer and track-out climbing camps, to individual and group climbing instruction, climbing birthday parties, overnight lock-ins, and team-building events. TRC’s sister company, Triangle Rock Guides, offers guided outdoor climbing trips in North Carolina and around the country, as well.

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