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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

School Gardens in Wake County: Inventory Time!

school garden picDoes your school, located in Wake County, have a “working” garden? If so, AHA wants to know! We are compiling a list of school gardens across Wake County as a resource. Please take 1 minute and email AHA with School Gardens in the subject line and include this information:

1)  School name and city where it’s located 
2)  Type of active garden, ie edible (veggie, fruit and/or herb), life cycle (butterfly), native plants, flowers, etc.
3)  Have an outdoor classroom? Tell us that too!
4)   If your school has an inactive garden space or beds, we would love to know that as well, and if you have any plans to replant.
5) Currently planning a garden? Let us know!

Please let us know by Monday, June 17.

There are tons of benefits to school gardens and they can be incorporated into the pre-K-12 curriculum. AHA’s features a wealth of resources on its website if you need information about how to start and maintain a school garden and how to incorporate it in your curriculum.

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