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AHA fosters and supports community efforts to make healthy eating and physical activity the way of life in Wake County.

Imagine Cary: Area Conversations Scheduled for June

On the heels of the Town of Cary’s largest public meeting, the May 2 Summit on the Future, the ToImagine Cary_logo_final_twocolor1wn of Cary will continue its multi-year, comprehensive planning project by hosting four Area Conversations in June. Reservations are not required, and these small-scale seminars driven by geography will focus on key topics relevant to that area of Cary, including its character, strengths and opportunities.

As with the Summit, information gathered at the Area Conversations will be used to create the Cary Community Plan, a document that will guide the long-range vision of Cary for the next 20-30 years. Sessions are from 6-8 pm (free) in several locations starting June 4; visit the Imagine Cary site for details

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