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Contact NC Senators Now to Urge Ongoing Support for Smoke-free Parks

Update–May 16:

The Senate adjourned without taking up S 703 before cross-over, which is positive for opponents to this bill. Continue to advocate today and AHA will provide updates later. 

Original Article–May 15:

This article in the News & Observer today reports on an N.C. Senate bill to strike local ordinances such as the smoke-free policy for parks in Raleigh. S. 703 is moving quickly and would eliminate municipalities’ ability to restrict outdoor smoking in public spaces such as parks and sidewalks. As you may recall, AHA worked hard on the Raleigh ordinance for smoke-free parks, but this important health protection regulation is at risk. 

Please take action and contact your Senator before Thursday morning at 10 am.   This  NC Alliance for Health Legislative Action update provides more details and information on how to contact your Senator. This North Carolina Health News article includes more information and commentary.

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