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Physical Activity Rocks! Workshop Resources Available

tire gameAHA held its final Brains and Bodies Workshop for teachers, school staff and parents earlier this week: Get Moving–Physical Activity Rocks!

Many thanks to guest speakers Sarah Martin of North Carolina Action for Healthy Kids, Alice Reese of CLH Design, Susan Wallace of North Carolina PTA and Apex Middle School Principal Camille Hedrick and PTA President Kathi Welch for sharing a wealth of information about how to get students moving more during the school day–in class and at recess–or blacktop time for middle schoolers!

In addition to an overview of the need for school wellness, the Wellness Policy for Wake County Public Schools, the concept of active recess and many other ways to increase activity, Reese shared information about how PTAs across Wake County are working with her firm to bring dynamic outdoor active spaces to their schools that can be used during recess and for curriculum purposes. The key to successful design, Reese said, is to design the play/learning area  without it looking like that is what’s happening. PTAs at Laurel Park Elementary in Apex and Weatherstone Elementary in Cary are among the organizations working with Reese’s firm. She also works directly with WCPSS in designing for new schools.

energizer laughter

12 Days of Fitness “Energizer” in action–people moving, laughing, active, happy!

Wallace led workshop participants in the 12 Days of Fitness “Energizer” to demonstrate how teachers can incorporate movement into classwork–and to demonstrate how it wakes up a crowed–whether they are teachers and parents at an evening workshop, or students in class! Each participant received a copy of the Energizers booklet, which is available for the elementary and middle school levels.

Apex Middle School shared information about Blacktop Time, 10 minutes each day after lunch for students to get outside and get moving. While the school had Blacktop Time previously, they saw the need for additional tools to give more students more opportunity to move, rather than 60 students gathering around one basketball hoop, for example. With resources such as parachutes, hula hoops, jump ropes, and hopscotch painted on the blacktop, students now have a 10-minute break that fosters movement and interaction.

Two presentations from the workshop are available online (See the In Class and On Campus Movement Breaks section) and photos from the workshop are on AHA’s Facebook page.

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