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Advocate Now to Continue NC Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council

Late last week the NC House added a provision to Senate Bill 10 (S10) The Government Reduction and Efficiency Act of 2013 that would change the sunset for the NC Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council to July 1 of this year. Last July, the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA),  we worked to get that sunset extended to 2015, and that win is in immediate jeopardy.

Late yesterday afternoon, the Senate appointed conference committee members to negotiate with House members over the differences between the Senate and House versions of the bill. There are many differences between the bills that are viewed as “more important” than the NCSLFAC provision. It is possible that if we convince just one or two Senate conferees to refuse to vote the bill out of conference committee if it contains the NCSLFAC provision, we can maintain the council. 

These are the Senate conferees:

These are the  House conferees. They need to hear from you as well.

Please CALL these offices ASAP to voice your support for the continuation of the NC Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council. Ask them to remove the house provision from S10 that references the council. The NCSLFAC provides a forum for state agencies to work together to reduce regulatory barriers to small businesses to allow the local food economy to grow. The council operates without a budget, so its elimination will not cut spending.

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