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Raleigh Seeks Input for Transportation Plan

As part of its process to draft a Transportation Action Plan (TAP), the City of Raleigh is asking residents for their input on various transportation projects. A strategic document, the TAP will be a guide for the City’s capital investment in multimodal transportation projects for a 10-year period. It will provide citizens the opportunity to understand the City’s transportation needs and given them a say in how the City selects and funds each project and program.

The TAP process will have three elements:

  • Plan. Identify all potential transportation projects and programs the City should consider funding;
  • Prioritize. Develop a means of deciding which projects should be the City’s top priorities; and,
  • Pay. Determine how the City should pay for all of its transportation projects and programs.

The planning phase for TAP will run through the month of February, with completion of the entire process by May. Throughout the process, the City will be posing various online questions to the public on the TAP webpage. This week, the City is asking for public input on the following question: Which street projects do you think the City should make a priority?

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