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Petitioning for Sidewalks in Raleigh: New Opportunity!

 The city of Raleigh announced this week that its Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan revises the Sidewalk Petition Program and allows sidewalk requests in neighborhoods.

In addition to identifying and prioritizing more than 200 sidewalk projects for the Pedestrian Program’s Sidewalk Prioritization, the pedestrian plan revamped the method used for citizens to request sidewalk connections along the Capital City’s quieter streets.
With the changes to the Sidewalk Petition Program, citizens can contact City staff and request that letters, seeking interest in a sidewalk, be sent to property owners along the street in question. If 75 percent of the adjacent property owners are in favor of the new sidewalk, the proposed project is ranked for inclusion in a future sidewalk construction contract. Previously, citizens were required to circulate a City-prepared petition among the adjacent property owners.

The Sidewalk Petition Program is intended to identify missing sidewalks that are not included in the sidewalk prioritization. It is the primary method used to identify sidewalk projects in residential neighborhoods.

Funding for sidewalk construction comes from the $40 million transportation improvement bond that was approved by voters in 2011. The bond included $4.75 million for new City-initiated sidewalk projects, $4 million for sidewalk repairs and $3 million for sidewalk petition projects. The Raleigh City Council has eliminated sidewalk assessments for projects that are initiated after April 2011.

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