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Breakfast in Schools: Nourishing Students to Learn

CITfreebreakfastP042412Most people with kids in public schools in Wake County are at least somewhat familiar with the National School Lunch Program, especially since the national standards for the lunch program changed this school year, raising lots of attention in media about school lunches. 

Taking that one step further, however, what do you know about the  National School Breakfast Program?  If you aren’t familiar with it, take a look at this link for a detailed explanation of the School Breakfast Program and explore how school breakfast pilot programs in North Carolina are having an impact.  

One of the up and coming discussions across our nation about school meals centers around how we can improve access to solid nutrition for our students so that they will be prepared to face the academic school day in top form.  As the State Coordinator for Action for Healthy Kids here in North Carolina, I am excited to say that many of the schools we work with are having fantastic results in expanding their breakfast programs and meeting student nutrition needs. 

Across our nation and our state, schools are experimenting with all sorts of alternative breakfast programs including

  • universal free breakfast for all students,
  • second chance breakfast,
  • breakfast in the classroom, and
  • grab ‘n go breakfast. 

All of these programs are attempts to ensure that students get the best start to the day.  Action for Healthy Kids has produced several webinars on these alternative breakfast programs. Archived webinars are available for your review, and the next live webinar about alternative school breakfast programs will take place on February 5.  These webinars and free – and they are very informative!

Along with others from the health and wellness team for North Carolina PTA, I recently met the folks from No Kid Hungry NC and learned of their upcoming conference 2013 NC Child Hunger Leaders Conference centered on improving chances of students receiving breakfast and proper nutrition throughout the school day.  The free conference is Feb. 20, 8 am- 5 pm  in Chapel Hill. I’ve signed up to attend and hope to glean more about how their organization focuses on this area of student nutrition. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Written by Sarah Martin
State Coordinator, Action for Healthy Kids – North Carolina
NCPTA Board of Directors
Advocates for Health in Action Executive Committee

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