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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Raleigh Council Approves Amending Unified Development for Community Gardens


Community gardeners working to grow healthy food for themselves and their communities!

This week the Raleigh City Council approved a change in the proposed new Unified Development Ordinance to classify community gardens in vacant lots zoned Residential-10, as a limited use. A limited use does not require public hearings or notices prior to issuance. The change was recommended by the City Council’s Law and Public Safety Committee during its December 11, 2012 meeting. The regulations would be effective once the City Council approves the Unified Development Ordinance.

Community gardens are areas of land managed and maintained by a group of individuals to grow and harvest food crops and/or non-food ornamental crops, such as flowers, for personal or group use, consumption or donation.

Council also approved the establishment of a City staff liaison person to address community garden-related issues.

For more information, visit and enter “community gardens” in the search window, or contact the City of Raleigh Department of Planning and Development (919-996-2626) or the Parks and Recreation Department (919-996-3285).

As part of the Raleigh Urban Ag Work Group, AHA advocated for this change in the UDO. AHA continues to advocate for urban ag in Raleigh.

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