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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Community Gardens & Urban Ag in Raleigh Update

Squash and zucchini growing at Raleigh City Farm

Squash and zucchini growing at Raleigh City Farm

Yesterday (Dec. 11, 2013,)  the Law and Public Safety Committee of the Raleigh City Council heard public comments in support of more opportunities to start gardens and farms in the city, and they heard from the  Raleigh Planning staff about their position and concerns. AHA and members of the Raleigh Urban Ag Work Group and other interested community members testified. While the group did not get everything it sought, two important decisions were made.

For Community Gardens in R-10, one of the most dense residential zoning districts, no special use permit will be required. Also, the committee asked Planning staff to identify a contact person for community garden and urban agriculture related questions and concerns moving forward, which is a “win”.

While the group was not able to achieve all of its zoning goals, this process has shown one important thing: the City of Raleigh has an urban ag movement that is becoming organized and connected and motivated. Through this process, advocates have developed a collective voice and established the foundations of positive partnerships with the Raleigh city government and among each other. This movement to provide healthy food, economic opportunity, and communities of inclusion for everyone in Raleigh is underway!

AHA will continue its work advocating for urban agriculture in Raleigh and will post updates on this site as they develop. (See this past news article for background.

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