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On the Menu: What Parents Want

A colleague contacted me recently with a concern. She and her family, including her two young children, had been out to eat the weekend before at a local restaurant, and she was disturbed by the kids’ menu offerings. In particular, this restaurant had posted on its kids’ menu that there were no substitutions allowed. That would be OK, except that every entree on the kids’ menu was served with French fries. 

The irony is, this restaurant is the State Farmers Market Restaurant. Where fruits and vegetables are in abundance. Right there.

So I called the owner, Tony Gilliam, to ask him about it. And here’s what I learned.

The reason French fries are on the menu is that that’s what parents want. Apparently Tony and his staff have tried offering vegetables on the kids’ menu, only to have parents raise cain and ask for fries. So that’s what they offer.

It just makes me wonder — what IS it going to take to get us to demand more for our kids? When are we going to view eating vegetables as a delight, rather than a punishment?

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