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Watch for Me, NC: Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Written by Jennifer Baldwin, Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Raleigh Office of Transportation Planning

The Triangle area routinely ranks as one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians, and Raleigh in particular ranks 13th in this study. Each year in the Triangle, more than 400 people are hit while walking, and of those, roughly 350 people are injured or killed.

This is one of a series of posters in the Watch for Me, NC pedestrian safety campaign underway through October.

Watch for Me, NC is a comprehensive campaign aimed at reducing the number of pedestrians hit and injured in crashes with vehicles. The campaign is being coordinated by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, UNC Highway Safety Research Center, Institute for Transportation Research and Education at NCSU, area universities, and planning, engineering, transportation, and police departments in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

Before launching the campaign, UNC’s Highway Safety Research Center conducted an extensive crash data analysis to determine the leading cause of pedestrian related crashes in the Triangle area. Data such as demographics, site location, time of day, and other important data was collected. We discovered that one in four crashes occurred at intersections or driveways and that more than half of the crashes occur on transit corridors.  We used this data to develop our campaign messages and to select our enforcement and evaluation locations.

The campaign consists of safety messages directed toward drivers and pedestrians, educational messages to inform users about pedestrian safety laws, and an enforcement effort by area police to crack down on some of the violations of pedestrian safety laws. Messaging can be seen in and around town on gas station pumps, on local buses, and on bumper stickers.  All of these messages are designed to get you thinking about pedestrian safety laws that will be enforced by area police beginning in October.

We are all pedestrians at some point, whether we’re walking to the bus stop, through a crowded parking lot, or around your neighborhood. We all share the responsibility of making North Carolina a safe and place to walk. So don’t forget to…

  • Watch for me in crosswalks.
  • Watch for people walking at night.
  • Watch for turning cars.
  • Cross safely when you exit the bus.
  • Pay attention in parking lots.
  • Walk facing traffic.
  • Be visible at night.

Posters (in English and Spanish), bumperstickers and other campaign materials are available for employers and organizations that wish to highlight the safety campaign. So watch for me and help spread the word!

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