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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Culture change

I spend a lot of time in meetings with varieties of people from all over our community. And of course I spend time with friends and neighbors when I’m not at work. This week I had several opportunities to observe well meaning people providing food or suggesting food for gatherings or events that was typical of our food culture: high fat, high sugar, high calorie, high sodium – with seemingly very little thought put into the healthfulness of the offerings. In fact, in some cases, the sugary, fatty food was intended to be a “draw.” And for many, it is.

Ride the Tide Dip from AHA’s Lunch In Event

My husband  told me about a recent meet up event he attended for triathletes at a local business that sells apparel, shoes, etc. for people who bike, run and do triathlons, and the cookout featured hot dogs and hamburgers with chips and soda.

One hallmark of success for me with the work that we as AHA do will be this: people will pause and think, and perhaps even make a better choice before they automatically order the standard fare for gatherings and events. And the people who attend the events will find the healthier fare to be a draw.

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