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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

AHA Celebrates 5 Years with a Greenway Tour!

This morning AHA celebrated its Fifth Anniversary at the Quarterly Meeting, and it was great to see so many of the partners there who were with AHA at the start, and as well as faces of new partners who joined in along the journey, and interested community members. For those who were not able to join us today, we share a few  highlights, and photos are on our Facebook page as well.

AHA partners walked the Crabtree Creek Greenway trail, which is accessible just off of New Bern Ave. and Shanta Dr., as part of AHA’s Fifth Anniversary Celebration.

Jennifer Baldwin with the City of Raleigh started off the morning with an update on the new Watch for Me NC pedestrian safety campaign as we prepared to cross busy New Bern Ave. in Raleigh to make our way to the Crabtree Creek Greenway, a short walk from WakeMed. Victor Lebsock of the City of Raleigh led the greenway tour and shared news of how the greenway continues to expand and that within the next year and a half, there will be more than 100 miles of connected greenways in Raleigh.

After the tour, we returned to WakeMed to share memories of AHA’s early days and look forward to more years of this collaborative effort to make the healthy choice the easy choice in Wake County!

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