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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

Spaghettios and Mac & Cheese: Rethink It for Food Drives

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Food drives are a simple way for our community to help people in need. When you participate in a drive, consider who the food is for before you “shop” your pantry for unwanted items.

The recipients of food from food pantries are in crisis. They do not have the money to buy fresh, healthy food. They are looking for anything they can find to fill their stomachs and make it through another day. Many of these folks are battling diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes, or they are children or adults who are overweight. There is a very strong connection between food insecurity and obesity, so when food drives are held, the needs are especially great.
Instead of donating a can of spaghettios or box of mac & cheese, consider whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, apple sauce, bags of beans and brown rice, canned chicken and tuna, or even peanut butter. The next time you participate in a food drive, stop to think about the positive impact you could have on someone’s life with these nourishing choices. Make a difference by providing them with something healthy and tasty!
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