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AHA fosters and supports community efforts to make healthy eating and physical activity the way of life in Wake County.

“Running” Errands


I just got back from picking up my dry cleaning. But instead of my usual practice of getting in my car to go to the dry cleaners that is literally a half mile from my house, I walked. According to the Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey, 25 percent of all trips by car are made within a mile of the home. So I decided to “run” my errands using my own power – and get my 30 minutes of activity at the same time. (Two birds. One stone.)

To make my trip equal to 30 minutes, I took the scenic route through an adjacent neighborhood. It was a nice afternoon to be outside. There was a nice breeze, and I was treated to the fragrance of blooming gardenias the entire way. I popped into the dry cleaners, picked up my stuff, and off I went, back the 1/2 mile to my house. Thirty minutes. Two errands checked off my list.

What errands can you “run”?

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