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Healthy Brown Bag Challenge: Going Green for Lunch

Suggesting you “go green” for lunch doesn’t mean simply eating a healthy salad. It means packing that salad in a reusable container!
Did you know that you can make a big difference just by packing a waste-free lunch? You could potentially save over 67 pounds of trash a year according to the Environmental Protection Agency. A waste-free lunch consists of using reusable food containers, refillable drink containers, durable utensils and cloth napkins. 
Here are a few suggestions for making your lunch waste-free:

  — Pack your lunch in a reusable, insulated lunch tote, box or bag.
  — Put entrees and cut up veggies in washable plastic containers.
  — Pack whole fruits to avoid packaging materials.
  —  Utilize refillable drink containers or items that can be recycled – i.e. a can, bottle.
  —  Do not use plastic baggies, disposable utensils and/or paper napkins.

As you prepare for next week’s challenge, you may want to check out more  information on waste-free lunches visit the EPA’s web site and Waste Free

Written by Jennifer M. Neighbors, Education Specialist, Corporate and Community Health, WakeMed Health and Hospitals

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