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AHA improves the health and well-being of Wake County residents by facilitating and supporting community initiatives.

For the Kids–Fun Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

There are lots of fun ways to reach kids with messages about healthy eating as we celebrate National Nutrition Month® throughout March. Here’ are a few fun ideas!

  • Take your kids shopping at the farmers’ market–let your child choose a veggie or fruit he or she has never tried before! Here’s a map of all the Wake County markets!
  • Create your own 3-veggie scavenger hunt for the produce section of the grocery store (how about jicama, cabbage and kale?)
  • Pick one new veggie for each week of the month and prepare it a few different ways–let the kids help!
  • Take them to story time at Wake County libraries this month, sponsored by Wake County Human Services and The Produce Box
  • Pick u a few of these books for bedtime stories while you’re at the library:  Wake Wake County Public Library Nutrition Book Suggestions  or Wake PTA Council Nutrition Book Suggestions.
  • Have your child decorate a paper plate with drawings of their favorite fruits and veggies–load up the colors and fun!
  • Show them this Veggie Swag video from the MyPlate video contest!
  • Plant a seed and watch it grow!
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